The 1st MiniBook of Winning is helping people to help themselves.
Take any one PowerGem or set of PowerGems, and see quickly,
how dramatically you impact your results with PowerGems.
Stop urinating thousands of seconds per day on chatter.
Those thousands of seconds, totaling many millions,
are the most revealing fabric and wealth of your life.

Define and expand your own 1st MiniBook of Winning, sharing shortcuts to uncommon achievement,
connecting more than two hundred thousand pages created by a single pair of hands.

In every walk of life there is a top ten percent. these thousands of pages are all dedicated to you, with the intent of coaching you in particular. Can you learn how to achieve more?   Of course! Provided at no charge, in the expectation that you personally will take a portion of your new wealth to feed those who have been unable to feed themselves. Fair enough?

  No strings, no charge.           Go ahead, feed somebody.          It feels good.  

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This is the largest collection of personal art, largest source of shortcuts likely to be created, considering it spans over a thousand web servers containing over 1,000,000 individual web pages created by MisterShortcut.

They have been created with you in mind, and the starving people of the world. Talk less, do more, hm?
You can pay me for this multi-million dollar web site by feeding people who are hungrier than you.
The Naturally Healing Secrets is commited to sharing PowerGems, the shortcuts to success in every human endeavor.

These powerful shortcuts are universal.   How to win and how to succeed are more easily accomplished and accomplished faster, when we use the shortcuts of champions, billionaires, masters and millionaires.     Masters and Millionaires are the best source of information because they are the horse's mouth. We know and accept that those who are not "getting it" from the horse's mouth are, most likely, spending too much time at the wrong end of the horse.     This is the Naturally Healing Secrets.
The Shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the Naturally Healing Secrets.

Grateful recommendation for the excellence of and

The Utility of Utile Shortcuts

1st MiniBook of Winning PowerGems Entry Page 22 - Utile 1st MiniBook of Winning
Everything in your life gets better as you use shortcuts, not least because they're multi-level.
Comprehensively utile shortcuts means that they are useful in the fullest range of your activities.
Your use of utile shortcuts provides you with benefits in areas you might hardly expect.
Reach for more within yourself today, even in this hour, using more utile shortcuts.
Pretend you are giving advice to a young child who greatly admires your opinion.
You will instantly realize that you have more utile answers than you'd thought.
There is a giant inside of you, awaiting not much more than your command.

Ultimately, YOU are the 1st MiniBook of Winning, as powerful as you are.

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Self-empowerment proves to be the best and fastest route to achieving success.
Successful shortcuts accelerate the process - they are the trial and error of pioneers.
Vastly reduce your own trial-and-error process by learning from the successes of others.
Every human task has PowerGems, the universal success shortcuts that always work.
Asking more people more times each for what you want is the great secret of wealth.
Water, oil, fiber, good bacteria, and sea salt are the great secrets of long health.
When you knock out the major PowerGems in the pursuit of your success,
you will find everything else becomes easier to focus your ideas upon.
Empower yourself with the best of the 1st MiniBook of Winning.
Empower yourself with universally self-empowering shortcuts.
Empower yourself with self-empowering PowerGems now.
Self-empowerment proves to be one rather fast shortcut.
Self-empowerment is a known quantity of all success.